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A modern table lamp with interchangeable shades. Change your shade in seconds to match any decor palette in any room.

The shades contain built in magnets, making it easy to install so you no longer have to look at the same lamp.

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Remodeling and Home Design


We are currently working on our next product concept: a portable camera slider used for DSLR filming.

Sidebeam is redefining the "portable" camera slider. It's modular design allows you to build any length you want all while conveniently fitting inside your backpack .

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Meet the founder

DEREK RUNGSEA | designer, inventor, DIY-er

Derek is just your typical multi-disciplinary designer; one who when at the grocery store, will always choose the carton of milk with a matte finish and embossed lettering over the generic one next to it.

With an architecture degree at his disposal, he transitioned right into furniture and lighting design. After a year, he quickly discovered the fun in designing and branding products. His creativity expanded into the world of industrial design, and now he loves making things and giving them character.

This is what we do

Graphic design

All digital and printed material, from logos and business cards, to brochures and presentations

Web design

Website layouts, responsive design, image processing, Ecommerce, and UI/UX

Product design

Develop conceptual ideas into manufacturable items for sales and distribution


Pictures and video are an important part of the creative process and they convey how something works


Every product has to have a good name, even better packaging, and a great story behind it

Everything else in between

After having done everything, there's still marketing and the intangibles